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Myyshop Membership Service Agreement

Effective Time: 2020/01/01

Welcome to the subscription service provided by Myyshop!

This subscription service (the "Service") is provided by Sumao Fuxuan Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to the registered users of Myyshop, and you have accepted the Myyshop Service Agreement Registration as a Myyshop user is a prerequisite for accepting this member service. This Myyshop AI Membership Service Agreement ("Agreement") is the terms and conditions governing your use of Myyshop AI's subscription services , please read it completely and carefully, especially the bold content. You pay to become a Myyshop AI member on the basis of your agreement to the full terms of this Agreement if you do not agree By accepting any of the terms of this Agreement, you shall immediately stop applying to become a Myyshop AI Member.

  1. Membership Services
    1. Membership service, also known as subscription service, refers to the service that after becoming a member in accordance with the prescribed method of Myyshop, member users can enjoy the right to view the full data of Myyshop.
    2. Myyshop may launch different membership services according to different products and service types. At the same time, Myyshop may also adjust the existing member service types and continuously introduce new member service types according to the needs of users, changes in products and service types, etc., in order to continuously improve and optimize the service. The specific types of member services and service contents shall be subject to the service content announced on the relevant service page and actually provided. You can choose the appropriate service according to your needs.
    3. The specific content of the membership services you enjoy may vary depending on the level, whether you log in, whether the annual fee, the activation period, the specific service category you choose, etc. Usually the high level, the login, the activation of the annual fee service, the opening period, etc., you will enjoy more services, the specific content published on the relevant service page and the actual content provided shall prevail.
  2. Membership Fees
    1. Unless you meet the conditions separately issued by Myyshop to enjoy free trial or use of the membership service, in general, you must pay the corresponding fee according to the charging standard of this service before you can use this service. You should open the Service through the payment channels designated by Myyshop, including WeChat Pay, Alipay, etc., after paying the fee according to the agreement.
    2. Myyshop member service fees, member rights and interests and related rules are subject to the display on the member service page. You should carefully check the account information, purchased service content, price, service period and other information before purchasing membership services. Membership service fees are non-transferable and non-refundable after you have paid for them (except for failure to provide services due to Myyshop AI reasons or other statutory reasons).
    3. You can check your account information details for free by logging in to the Myyshop Member Center, including the activated service content, service period, consumption amount, transaction status, etc.
    4. Myyshop may modify and change the charging standards and methods of this service according to the overall plan of its own business development, and the above modifications and changes will be displayed by Myyshop on the corresponding service page. If you need to activate this service, please first understand the charging standards and methods of this service in advance. Your payment and activation behavior is deemed to be that you are fully aware of the charging standards of the fee-based services provided by Myyshop and the corresponding membership rights. Myyshop AI hereby declares that After you pay, Myyshop AI does not accept any form of refund request, and you understand and clearly accept the above conditions. If you do not accept, please do not choose to activate the membership service.
    5. Myyshop may give different tariff discounts on renewal and upgrade to VIP members who have been activated at different stages and continue to be valid according to the actual operation situation, and the specific preferential policies are subject to the content announced by Myyshop on the relevant service page.
    6. If the free trial of Myyshop members does not expire, the number of days remaining in the free trial period after the user purchases the membership service is superimposed with the time limit of the user's purchase.
  3. Rights and Obligations of Members
    1. During the Myyshop membership period, members can participate in the activities organized by the Myyshop priority and enjoy the benefits and membership services provided by the Myyshop.
    2. The Myyshop membership service is limited to the user account you apply for. Myyshop member service period can not be transferred between Myyshop user accounts, is prohibited to donate, borrow, rent, transfer or sell. Otherwise, Myyshop AI has the right to cancel the Myyshop membership service qualification of the transfer account and the transfer account without notice, and the resulting loss will be caused by Myyshop AI Members are solely responsible.
    3. The content of the Myyshop member service shall not be used for any commercial, profit or other purposes, and can only be used for personal use.
    4. The same Myyshop member account is only allowed to be used on five devices, beyond the scope of use, Myyshop will automatically ban the account, the user shall bear any losses caused by the use of the scope.
    5. Myyshop members shall be solely responsible for properly and securely keeping, using and maintaining your account information and password, and shall be responsible for any actions under your account.
    6. You acknowledge and agree that in order to protect the security of member accounts, Myyshop has the right to use one or more authentication methods when you use it. If it is not successfully verified, Myyshop has reasonable grounds to suspect that your account has been stolen and other unsafe situations, and has the right to decide whether to suspend the member service and take further measures according to the seriousness of the situation, thus causing damage to your member rights and interests, Myyshop does not assume any liability.
    7. Myyshop members shall not obtain or purchase Myyshop member services through illegal means such as theft, exploitation of system vulnerabilities, and illegal sale of Myyshop members on websites that are not authorized by Myyshop, otherwise Myyshop has the right to cancel the service qualification of Myyshop members. The problems caused by this are borne by the Myyshop members, the Myyshop does not bear any responsibility, and the Myyshop has the right to make corresponding judgments for your account according to its own identification standards.
    8. If the behavior of Myyshop members violates the Myyshop Service Agreement and is prohibited from using the user account, the membership rights under the account are automatically cancelled, and there is no right to request Myyshop Any refund or reimbursement is given.
  4. Membership Validity Period
    1. The service period of this service is subject to the period of the user's own choice and payment of the corresponding service fee, and you can also log in to the Myyshop Member Center or the corresponding page of the service to inquire.
    2. The maximum period for the opening of the membership service will be limited to a certain extent, and the specific rules announced by the Myyshop shall prevail.
    3. Myyshop has the right to interrupt or terminate the provision of membership services to you in the following cases:
      1. You voluntarily cancel the user account or take the initiative to request to terminate the membership service;
      2. You exist or Myyshop believes, in its sole discretion, that you have any violation of national laws, regulations or regulatory policies, violation of the Myyshop User Agreement, violation of this Agreement, or damage to Myyshop and the reputation of its products, the act of interest;
      3. In accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations, regulatory policies or the requirements of competent authorities;
      4. Maintain the needs of emergency situations such as account and system security;
      5. Due to force majeure reasons, in view of the special nature of the Internet, force majeure also includes hacker attacks, major impacts caused by technical adjustments in the telecommunications sector, temporary closures caused by government regulations, virus invasions, etc. that affect the normal operation of the Internet.
  5. Liability for Breach of Contract
    1. You understand and agree that Myyshop has the right to pursue your relevant responsibilities for your violation of this Agreement to obtain services, including but not limited to closing the member service, compensating Myyshop for the losses suffered as a result, and filing a lawsuit against the public security organs legal liability, such acts include but are not limited to:
      1. To open the Service for oneself or others for the purpose of non-personal use such as profit or business;
      2. Open the Service for yourself or others through any robot software, spider software, crawler software, screen brushing software and any other program or software method;
      3. open the Service for yourself or others by any improper means or in a manner that violates the principle of good faith;
      4. Activate the Service through channels or methods not specified by Myyshop;
      5. Activate the Service by infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of Myyshop or others;
      6. Open this service for yourself or others by other means that violate relevant laws, administrative regulations, national policies, etc.
    2. If Myyshop discovers or receives reports from others that you have violated any behavior of this Agreement, Myyshop has the right to make independent judgments in accordance with the law and take technical measures to delete, block or disconnect the relevant information. At the same time, Myyshop has the right to take actions against you, depending on the nature of your behavior, including but not limited to suspending or terminating part or all of the Service, suspending or terminating your use of Myyshop members, and prosecuting you Legal liability and other measures, Myyshop does not need to refund any fees to you, and the losses caused to you by you are borne by yourself, and if the loss of Myyshop is caused, you should also compensate.
    3. If you violate any act of this Agreement and cause any damage to any third party, you shall be solely liable, and if the Myyshop suffers losses as a result, you shall also compensate for the losses suffered by the Myyshop.
  6. other
    1. For members,This Agreement is Myyshop AIService Agreements, Myyshop AIThe Supplement to the Privacy Policy is an integral part of it。In the event of a conflict between this Agreement and the foregoing Agreement, this Agreement shall control. Myyshop AIThe existing and future agreements related to the member service, various announcements, page descriptions and normative processes, questions and answers, etc. that the Member Center has and will publish from time to time in the future constitute part of this Agreement and have the same legal effect as this Agreement.
    2. Matters not covered by this Agreement shall be subject to the Myyshop Service Agreement.