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Myyshop User Service Agreement

Effective date: 2020/01/01

Welcome to the services provided by Myyshop!

This Service Agreement ("Agreement") consists of you (or "User") and the Official Website of Myyshop ( the operator of Digital Trade Fuxuan Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ("we" or "Myyshop") concluded, Please read the terms and conditions under this Agreement in full and carefully, in particular the bold content, which will have a material impact on you. Your access, browsing, registration, login, etc. of any use of the products and/or services provided by the Myyshop is based on your agreement to all the terms of this Agreement If you do not agree to accept any of the terms of this Agreement, you shall not use or immediately cease using The Myyshop AI products and/or services.

The services we provide to you are also subject to your compliance with other terms and service guidelines (including but not limited to Myyshop AIappears on the productOperation tips,Service Description,Rules, processes that are shown to you in Q&A guides, usage aids, or otherwiseetc., abbreviation“Service rules”),all constitute your use Myyshop AIProducts with/or part of the relevant rules of the Services, with the same force and effect as this Agreement。

You agree to this Agreement and other rules in such ways as to( but not limited to: (1) by clicking "I agree" or otherwise accepting; (2) oral or written representations by email, telephone, fax, instant messaging, etc.; (3) there is a "tacit consent" clause in this Agreement and other service rules , you click to consent to or otherwise actually use our Services; (4) other ways that you and we both approve of.

Our services are mainly for natural persons with full capacity for civil conduct (adults over the age of 18 and over 16 years of age whose main source of livelihood is their own labor income), if you are a minor under the age of 18 who does not have full capacity for civil conduct, Please be sure to ask your guardian to read this agreement carefully and use our products with the consent of your guardian.

  1. Service description
    1. The Official Website of Myyshop is the only legal way to access, browse, register, log in, and use The Myyshop service. Myyshop does not endorse any products and services of Myyshop that are not obtained by legal means, and once Myyshop is discovered Have the right to immediately delete, cancel, clear, block, etc., any resulting all adverse consequences are borne by the user.
    2. Myyshop is committed to providing users with commodity marketing analysis tools to assist in judging and deciding on purchasing needs. We collect and continuously update the multi-dimensional data of multi-category products and related advertising and marketing information, and generate and display the data analysis results through self-developed algorithm models to help you make decisions in all aspects of cross-border trade selection and sales Decisions that are more in line with market trends.
    3. Our services are fee-based, but we offer a free trial period after users register for Myyshop and get a Myyshop account, during which users can access and browse for free The full amount of data of the Myyshop platform, after the end of the trial period, users need to subscribe to become a member and pay a certain fee to use it. The duration and specific benefits of the aforementioned trial period are subject to the real-time display information on your page when you use Myyshop. For the content of the charged services and the corresponding rights and interests of the members, we will explain them on the exclusive page, and only if the user clearly confirms that he is willing to pay the relevant fees, the user can use such charged services and enjoy the rights and interests of the member. The special "Member Service Agreement" will be displayed to you again on the member purchase page, please pay attention to it, and read and understand the whole content before deciding whether to purchase membership services.
    4. The specific content of Myyshop services is provided according to the actual product situation, and Myyshop will adjust the service content or product structure from time to time according to its own business development in order to provide you with better service. To ensure that the rights and interests of members are not derogated from in any way, Myyshop has the right to modify, update or upgrade any products or services provided by Myyshop at its sole discretion. In order to ensure the security and functional consistency of Myyshop services, after we release the new version, we may limit the product functions of the old version, and cannot guarantee its continued use and corresponding customer service, please check and use the latest version at any time.
  2. Registration and account security
    1. User Registration
      1. Users do not need to register to browse parts of the information of the Myyshop. If you need further value-added services, you need to register an account so that we can record your exclusive rights and interests, but according to the relevant administrative regulations on Internet information services, you need to complete the relevant real-name registration procedures.
      2. After you have passed the verification form by logging in with your mobile phone number, we will assign you a platform random ID as your Myyshop account. Under the premise that you comply with the account usage rules, you will be granted the right to use the account and become a registered user of Myyshop. You agree that we have the right to reclaim the Myyshop account according to business needs and business specifications.
      3. The Myyshop account is the basis by which we identify users and provide services to you. During your use of our Services, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and restricting third parties' use of/access to your computer or mobile device, and for ensuring that your login password is not disclosed to any third party. You may not transfer your account number for a fee or without compensation to avoid disputes. And, you agree to be responsible for all activities that occur under your account and password.
      4. If you are a minor under the age of 18 who does not have full capacity for civil conduct, you can only use the Service with the consent and guardianship of your guardian, and you and your guardian shall bear corresponding responsibilities in accordance with the law.
    2. Once your account is registered, some information (mobile phone number, etc.) cannot be changed, and some information (nickname, avatar, personal introduction, etc.) allows you to set it. However, the personal account you set up must not contain information and content that violates the provisions of this Agreement in a direct or indirect manner, such as illegality, personal attack nature, suspected impersonation, confusing behavior, infringement of the rights and interests of third parties, and the sale of marketing promotion information, otherwise you will bear the legal liability arising therefrom. In such cases, we may take measures such as requiring you to make corrections within a limited period of time, suspending your account and/or suspending the Services.
    3. In accordance with the provisions of the current laws and regulations and normative documents in China, you agree that you are obliged to ensure the authenticity and validity of the personal information you provide, and you are also obliged to notify us of the relevant information and update it in a timely manner when the relevant information changes. You must not fraudulently use, borrow, forge, alter the portrait, trademark, name, etc. of others, or re-register for the purpose of obtaining additional subsidies or benefits from the Myyshop, otherwise we have the right to require you to correct, reject your current application, immediately stop providing services, reclaim your account and require you to bear the legal liabilities arising therefrom. We shall not be liable for any incurable liability for any information you provide that is incorrect, untrue, outdated or incomplete, or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is incorrect, untrue, outdated or incomplete, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Provision of the Services to you or to restrict your use of some or all of the functions we provide.
    4. We have the right to restrict, freeze or terminate your use of the Myyshop AI account in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and service guidelines, and the losses caused to you (including but not limited to communication interruptions, emptying or restricting access to user data, personal information and related data, etc., vouchers, coupons, points operation or withdrawal restrictions, etc.) are borne by you. When terminating the Myyshop AI account, if it is necessary to refund the membership fee and other related funds to you in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and service guidelines, we will negotiate with you, but you should be aware that we have the right not to refund the relevant vouchers, coupons and points to you. If you wish to use the services on the Myyshop AI again, you will need to re-apply for registration. In the event of a breach of contract, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to consider rejecting your re-application.
    5. We have the right to cancel your account in one of the following cases, and personal information such as account number will be deleted or anonymized in accordance with our data processing rules:
      1. Violate this Agreement, Membership Service Agreement, Privacy Policy and/or other Service Rules;
      2. Myyshop terminates operations or provides services;
      3. In accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.
  3. User Code of Conduct
    1. In the process of using Myyshop products and services, you shall not personally carry out or assist or allow others to carry out the following acts:
      1. Remove all copyright-related information on the Software relating to Myyshop AI and related individual works therein;
      2. Upload, download, store, transmit, etc. any content prohibited by the Myyshop AI;
      3. Engaging in illegal transactions, such as money laundering, drug trafficking and other activities;
      4. Commit acts that infringe other privacy, copyright, patent, trademark and other rights and interests, unless you have obtained sufficient and valid prior authorization from the right holder;
      5. Carry out acts that violate laws, regulations, policies, rules and regulations, as well as the relevant agreements of Myyshop, and the rules of Myyshop AI;
      6. Carry out acts that interfere with and disrupt Myyshop ic AI;
      7. Hacking, using, or disrupting other users' networks and/or network devices; collecting information from other users without authorization;
      8. Publish any form of advertising without authorization;
      9. Use any technology or means to interfere with the normal operation of Myyshop AI, cause load or any adverse effect on Myyshop AI;
      10. Carry out malicious acts such as brushing orders and other malicious transaction orders;
      11. Violation of Myyshop IC AI rules for reselling, resale, replacement of points, coupons, giveaways, virtual currency, etc.;
      12. Modify, tamper with, block, or partially block the services and related features on the Myyshop AI (including banner ads, etc.).
      13. Without the prior express written permission of Myyshop, in any way (including but not limited to robot software, spider software, crawler software and any other automated programs, scripts, software) and for any reason, it is self-entrusted or entrusted to others to assist others to obtain the services, content and data of the Platform
      14. Upload, post any internal material, confidential material or other content, information and/or speech that you do not have the authority to post;
      15. Without our prior written consent, use, rent, lend, copy, modify, link, reprint, compile, publish, release the software and related information, and/or establish a mirror site, without authorization with the help of the software to develop derivative products, works, services, plug-ins, plug-ins, compatibility, interconnection, etc.;
      16. Reverse engineer Myyshop AI software, such as disassembly, decompilation, etc
      17. By modifying or falsifying the instructions, data, and data packages in the operation of Myyshop software works, adding, deleting, or changing the functions or operational effects of the software, the software used for the for the preceding purposes is disseminated or operated to the public through the information network;
      18. Access or use the Software and Services through third-party compatible software, systems not developed, licensed or endorsed by us, and/or use plug-ins and plug-ins and plug-ins for the Software and Services that are not developed, licensed or certified by us
      19. Use Myyshop AI software to carry out any behavior that compromises network security;
      20. Other use of THE FORSAVIC AI and the services we provide in any unlawful manner, for any unlawful purpose, or in any manner inconsistent with this Agreement, or other acts that violate laws and regulations, infringe the legitimate rights and interests of other users, interfere with the normal operation of the Myyshop AI, or are not expressly authorized by us.
    2. You should be aware and understand that any content transmitted or posted by any user in or through The Myyshop AI does not reflect or represent, nor shall it be deemed to reflect or represent the Myyshop AI Your opinions, positions or policies, you shall make your own judgment on the relevant content, and assume all risks and losses arising from your reliance on and use of such content, and we shall not be liable for this. We will comply with the provisions of national laws and regulations, use technical means and manual compliance reviews, and reserve the right to block, remove or otherwise dispose of these contents. If you find that other users upload untrue, illegal and other content, please contact us or report to us in time, and provide relevant supporting documents, we will provide assistance and deal with it in a timely manner at your reasonable request.
    3. If you commit a violation of this Agreement, we will consider one or more of the following measures at our discretion:
      1. Remove advertisements and other information and content that is suspected of violating laws, regulations, falsehoods, infringements or unauthorized publications;
      2. Restrict your account functionality;
      3. Suspend or terminate your use of the Myyshop AI and freeze your account;
      4. Pursue your legal liability;
      5. Report to the relevant competent authorities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  4. intellectual property
    1. All intellectual property rights related to Myyshop, as well as all information related to Myyshop, including but not limited to: text expressions and combinations, icons, graphics, images, charts, colors, interface design, layout framework, relevant data, additional programs, printed materials or electronic documents, etc. are Myyshop All, protected by patent laws, copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and regulations. Myyshop hereby grants the User a free, non-transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide personal license to use the Software provided by us and included in the Services, not beyond the authorizations agreed in this Agreement /Program.
    2. The charts, logos, web headers, button icons, application icons, text, and service names contained in or provided by The Myyshop's Services are our trademarks, registered trademarks or trade dress (collectively, the "Trademarks"). These trademarks or trade dresses may not be used in any manner that may cause confusion among consumers or in any manner that defames or defames us or us in any way that is not affiliated with us. Nothing in The Forsavor AI should be construed as granting, by tacit agreement or otherwise, the right to license or use the trademarks appearing on our website/program without our written permission.
    3. We respect the intellectual property rights of others. If your legal rights are infringed by a third party in the Myyshop, or if the third party believes that you have infringed on its legal rights in the Myyshop, either party has the right to do so Myyshop will give written notice that Myyshop will handle such complaints in accordance with the laws and service rules in force. At the same time, you agree to indemnify us from third parties for claims against us that may arise as a result of notices you submit, including, but not limited to, all reasonable expenses incurred by us as a result.
    4. You understand and agree that the text, pictures, videos and other resources displayed by the Myyshop platform from public channels, and the intellectual property rights and other rights related to them are owned by the respective rights holders, and Myyshop AI cannot review and verify whether they are infringing, and do not bear legal responsibility for their possible infringement. If the user believes that the above content displayed by The Myyshop infringes on its legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us in writing through the contact information at the end of this agreement, and we will take appropriate measures such as deletion and blocking after requesting and reviewing the relevant supporting materials from you. You should make relevant rights claims to us in the spirit of good faith, for your obviously groundless and malicious requests, we have the right not to respond, and take account restrictions until cancellation penalties, such as causing other losses to Myyshop, we reserve the right to recover from you.
  5. Modification, cancellation or termination of the Services
    1. Due to the rapid development of the Internet industry and the improvement of legislation, the existing agreement can not guarantee to fully meet the needs of future development, we may amend the terms of this agreement and / or the service rules in the Myyshop from time to time, at that time we will inform you in the form of web page announcements or website letters, etc., if necessary, we may require you to recertify, the revised version will automatically replace the revised version, please keep an eye on it Clauses in Myyshop. If you do not agree to all or part of the revised Agreement, please immediately stop using the Myyshop.
    2. We may terminate the Service in the following circumstances
      1. Due to the needs of our business development, we may unilaterally and without notice change, suspend, terminate or revoke all or part of the products and/or services of Myyshop AI from time to time.
      2. In the event of a merger, division, acquisition, or asset transfer by us, we may transfer the relevant assets under the Service to a third party, and we may transfer some or all of the Services under this Agreement to a third party for operation or performance after unilateral notice to you. The specific transferee shall be subject to our notification.
      3. If we find that your account has not been logged in for more than six months, we may suspend the provision of services to you or disable or cancel your account.
      4. If you violate this Agreement, the Privacy Policy, or the Service Rules of Myyshop, we may suspend or terminate the provision of services to you. If you subsequently register an account directly or indirectly in the name of another person, we have the right to suspend or terminate the account after discovery.
    3. After the termination of this Agreement, except as expressly provided by law, in principle, we are under no obligation to disclose any information in your account to you or a third party designated by you. Upon termination of this Agreement, we have the following rights:
      1. We may delete or anonymize your personal information as required by applicable law. You may also continue to store other content and information you retain on our Platform for as long as required by law.
      2. We may still hold you liable for breach of contract under this Agreement for your past breach of contract.
  6. Protection of Personal Information
    1. We attach great importance to the protection of your personal information, for your personal information, we will comply with the relevant laws and regulations of China and normative documents, adhere to the industry standards to do our best to protect and properly keep. In order to protect your personal information, we will apply the Myyshop Privacy Policy to collect, store, use, share and protect your personal information. The Myyshop Privacy Policy is a valid part of this Agreement, please read it carefully.
  7. Liability and Indemnity for Breach of Contract
    1. We ask you to respect our and any third party's ownership and intellectual property rights, and we have the right to claim your liability for infringement if we have reasonable evidence that you have infringed. At the same time, you shall fully indemnify us for the losses suffered by us as a result of your infringement, including but not limited to arbitration fees, litigation costs, attorneys' fees, travel expenses and all reasonable expenses incurred by us as a result.
    2. If you are reported or complained by other users, or if we have reasonable evidence that you are suspected of violating relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of the Privacy Policy, and other provisions or rules of Myyshop, we have the right to review the relevant content at any time without notice (including but not limited to reviewing all of the user's information and materials, chat records, etc.), delete, block, and impose, but not limited to, warnings, on the offending account according to the circumstances of the behavior. Restrict or prohibit the use of some or all functions, account blocking until cancellation, freezing and/or deduction of all or part of the fees payable to you as liquidated damages for your violation of laws and regulations and this agreement, and have the right (but no obligation) to announce the results of the processing, and if necessary, notify the public security department and other departments.
    3. You understand and agree that we have the right to punish violations of relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement according to reasonable judgment, take appropriate legal action against any user who violates laws and regulations, and save relevant information in accordance with laws and regulations to report to the relevant departments, etc., and you shall solely bear all legal responsibilities arising therefrom.
    4. You shall be fully liable for any breach of contract, tortious act or illegal act committed by you that causes us or a third party to suffer claims, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, expenses (including but not limited to attorneys' fees), etc. And when you violate the laws and regulations and this agreement, we have the right to freeze and/or deduct all or part of the fees (if any) that should be paid to you as liquidated damages, and if such liquidated damages are still insufficient to compensate us for the losses we have suffered, we reserve the right to continue to recover from you.
    5. Unless otherwise mandatory by law, our compensation to users is limited to direct losses, excluding indirect losses, incidental losses, special losses, result losses, punitive losses, incidental losses, loss of goodwill, loss of profits, etc.
  8. Force Majeure and Disclaimer
    1. In no event shall we be liable for any failure or delay in performance due to the proper maintenance of Internet equipment, failure of internet connectivity, failure of computer communications or other systems, power failure, strike, riot, riot, catastrophic weather (such as fire, flood, storm, etc.), explosions, wars, acts of government, orders of judicial administrative bodies.
    2. The results of the data analysis provided by Myyshop are for the user's reference only, and the user shall be solely responsible for the losses that may result from his or her reliance on such information in making business decisions.
    3. While we strive to provide you with quality services and experiences, unless otherwise agreed or promised, please understand that we or the third parties we work with cannot guarantee the following:
      1. Products and services provided by us or third parties to meet your specific needs;
      2. We will provide you with accurate, safe, continuous, reliable and defect-free services without interruption;
      3. Myyshop will not have information storage failures, textual errors;
      4. Any of your information will not be lost, deleted or damaged at any time;
      5. Any products and services on Myyshop meet the expectations of users.
  9. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
    1. The conclusion, execution, interpretation and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), excluding the application of conflict of laws.
    2. If any dispute arises between the two parties regarding the content of this Agreement or its implementation, the two parties shall try their best to resolve it through friendly consultation; if the negotiation fails, either party shall resolve it by litigation with the Shenzhen [Futian] District People's Court.
  10. Contact details
    1. All notifications given by Myyshop to the User under this Agreement may be made by means of web announcements, e-mails, system notifications, in-site letters, mobile phone text messages or regular mail transmissions, etc., and such notices shall be deemed to have been delivered to the recipient the day after the date of sending.
    2. Users can be served through the following customer service contact methods or other officially announced correspondence address, fax number, email address and other contact information.
  11. Customer service email: