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Myyshop AI user manual


What is Myyshop AI? How do I register?🧐

1.Myyshop AI provides overseas sellers with services of digging up explosive products / finding online celebrities / advertising.

2.Welcome all sellers to register and experience. Register and enjoy the massive online red resources immediately.(registration link👇)


Core function 1: explosive selection💯

Discover potential explosion funds and take the lead

🔍Analysis of explosive selection module

📌 (1) Myyshop function navigation module

Click the item of this module to jump to the corresponding operation page

1.Home page:if you want to know the Myyshop, what the Myyshop does and what services he provides, click the home page to view the relevant contents
2. Select popular goods:collect Tik tok hot goods, click to view massive commodity data, and select popular goods immediately
3.Pick online celebrities:a collection of Tik tok with goods bloggers. Click to view massive online celebrities data, and you can also contact online celebrities with goods with one click
4.Advertising :a collection of Tik tok advertising, click to view massive advertising data, and easily grasp the performance of advertising data

📌 (2) Data Kanban

This module is the data display of popular commodities. Through this Kanban, you can clearly perceive the data resources of Myyshop AI. (real time data update)

1.Commodities:Myyshop AI accumulated Tik tok commodities
2. Bloggers:Myyshop AI accumulated Tik tok bloggers
3.Video playback:the total number of videos corresponding to commodities played in Tik tok
4.Interaction :the total number of likes, comments, sharing and other behaviors generated by videos corresponding to commodities in Tik tok

📌 (3) Search box

This module is a keyword search function module. Enter the commodity keyword in the search box to display the data corresponding to the commodity keyword

1.By default,English search terms are used for the search. Small language countries need to use the local language. For example, Thai keywords are required for searching Thai goods.
2. The search box,can be used at the same time as the following screening. If you want to search for shoes with less than 1 million playlists, the operation steps are as follows: enter keywords in the search box, click the search icon, select the number of hits of goods in the following screening items, select < 1m, and click OK, Shoe data with playback volume less than 1 million will appear

📌 (4) Filter box

This function module is a data filtering function. Through various conditions filtering, you can quickly obtain the desired corresponding data.

1.Level 1 category:the category to which the commodity belongs. After selecting the level 1 category, the corresponding level 2 category will be available for selection.
2. Country:the country corresponding to the commodity and the video.
3.Video release date:the creation date of the commodity video.
4.Commodity touch times:the total number of videos corresponding to the commodity, M is million, 1m = 1 million, B is 1 billion, 1b = 1 billion.
5.Tik Tokshop

  • - Myyshop products include Tik tokshop small yellow car products and grass planting products.
  • - non Tik tokshop products are grass planting products, and only the data such as the playing volume of videos corresponding to the products, like comments, etc
  • - in addition to the above data, Tik tokshop also has sales volume, price, comments and other data
6. Confirm:after confirming the filter conditions, click OK to make the filter conditions effective.
7. Reset:click Reset to clear all the previously selected filter items and return to the original data status

📌 (5) Sort selection box

1.Out of circle rate:the probability that the video will be popular in a short time. The higher the out of circle rate, the greater the popularity of the product.
2. Total playing times:the total playing times of the video. The higher the total playing times, the higher the exposure.
3.Total like times:the total like times of the video. The higher the total like times, the higher the popularity of the video.
4.Total sharing times:the total sharing times of the video. The higher the total sharing times, the higher the popularity of the video.
5.Playing increment:the growth of video playing, The higher the playing increment in the short term, the higher the probability of video explosion.
6. Likes increment:the increase of video likes. The higher the likes increment in the short term, the higher the probability of video explosion.
7. Total sales volume:the total sales volume of goods. The higher the total sales volume, the higher the exposure of goods, and the higher the probability of subsequent continuous orders.
8. Total sales volume increment:the increase of sales volume of goods in the short term. The higher the total sales volume increment, the more popular the goods in the short term

📌 (6) Tik tok commodity first level display page

This function module is a data filtering function. Through various conditions filtering, you can quickly obtain the desired corresponding data.

"Tiktokshop" in the upper right corner: Tik tokshop commodity logo. If there is no such logo, it means that the commodity is a grass planting commodity. There are x videos with goods

  • - the video with goods corresponding to the product. The more videos with goods, the more times the product is promoted
  • - the text part is the title of Tik tokshop
  • - by default, Tik tok commodities give priority to displaying three dimensional data: circle out rate, total sales volume and total reached volume

📌(7) Tik tok commodity secondary display page-1

1. Commodity picture, main picture of the commodity in Tik tokshop
2. Commodity title of Tik tok commodity
3. Country of sale of the commodity
4. Sales price of the commodity PS: Indonesian price 29.800 is 29800rp  ps:The Indonesian price here is 29.800, which is 29800rp
5. Freight price set for the commodity
6. Commodity score and evaluation quantity
7. Statistical time: time of video data statistics
8. Commodity sales trend chart and commodity turnover rate trend chart. You can combine the two trend charts to see the commodity trend

📌(8) Tik tok commodity secondary display page-2

1. The number of videos corresponding to the commodity
2. The video corresponding to the commodity can be viewed by clicking the play button
3. The title, language, duration, creation date, and country of the video on Tik tok
4. The number of comments, likes, and shares corresponding to the video
5. The trend chart of the video, including the trend of the play volume, the trend of the circle rate, the trend of the like rate, the trend of the comment rate, and the trend of the share volume
6. The video releases the information of the blogger, click to contact the blogger, You can enter the personal information page of the blogger
7. The next video content and video information corresponding to the product

🔑Operation tutorial of selecting popular funds

[step 1] Select popular products ⇒ first level category ⇒ second level category ⇒ country ⇒ video release date ⇒ number of goods reached ⇒ whether tiktok shop goods ⇒ confirm

Select your own main business category or the category you want to view, filter according to the above steps, and click OK to display the corresponding commodity information.

[step 2] Select commodity sorting index - determine commodity style

Method 1: select hot sales,sorted by total sales ⇒ from large to small

The products with the highest sales volume have been verified by the market. You can choose to upload the same or similar products.

Method 2: select potential sales,sort by total sales increment ⇒ 15 days ⇒ from large to small

According to the order of sales increment, we can see the products with strong sales momentum in the near future.

Tips(recommended): the total sales volume of commodities that meet the conditions of potential
explosion is between 500-5000, and the total reached volume is less than 1 million. The earliest video was released in nearly one month.

[step 3] confirm the source of goods ⇒ prepare commodity materials ⇒ confirm commodity prices ⇒ upload commodities

Confirm the source of goods: in 1688, you can obtain the material of goods
prepared by the commodity supplier by searching the map:download the picture of the commodity on Myyshop AI,or find the corresponding product introduction and picture of the commodity on 1688 to
confirm the price of the commodity:the price of the commodity can be averaged by referring to the price of the same commodity sold in tiktokshop
After the above is confirmed, you can upload the goods~

Core function 2: find video🎞

Quickly match high-quality video with goods, get twice the result with half the effort

🔑Find video operation tutorial

[step 1] product page ⇒ Click to view all goods videos

[step 2] select good quality video

Mode 1 :preferentially select videos with high video playback volume (wide network)

Mode 2 :horizontal comparison of video quality through fans (choose the best)

For example:


Date of creation: May 10, 2022
volume of the day: 19603
total video volume: 246411
number of fans of bloggers: 4009

Date of creation: May 15, 2022
volume of the day: 99
total video volume: 234
number of fans of bloggers: 6495

Date of creation: May 10, 2022
volume of the day: 24559
total video volume: 83478
number of blogger fans: 237300

Through the comparison of the above data, it can be seen that the reason why the video playback volume of the blogger in Figure 3 is high is that the number of fans is larger than that of the blogger in Figure 1.
When the number of fans is less than a fraction of that of the blogger in Figure 3, the video playback volume can exceed 20W, which indicates that the video content is very high-quality and has obtained the recommended traffic of tiktok.

[step 3] secondary creation of video content

Mode 1:secondary editing after video download

Mode 2:Remake and create new videos by referring to the presentation form of video content

[step 4] publish to Tik tok account

After the video processing is completed, it is released to Tik tok, and you can wait for the order conversion

Core function 3: pick the creator👩‍🎨

Match the most suitable creator with goods for you, one click quick contact and cooperation

🔍Analysis of "pick creator" module

📌(1) Home page of pick creator

1.Creator search box:you can search according to the nickname of known creator to view the details of creator
2. creator condition filter box

  • - first level category: select the category and the blogger with the category will appear
  • - region: the region where creator is located
  • - number of fans: number of fans
  • - whether you can contact: you can contact creator with email and WhatsApp contact information, and you can contact with one key.
3.Sorting options: you can select the goods carrying index and the goods carrying interaction index to display the data preferentially.

📌(2) First level page of online red information

1. Blogger's Tik tok Nickname
2. Blogger's country
3. Number of fans of the blogger: the current number of fans of the blogger
4. Delivery index: the comprehensive index of the goods delivered by the blogger. The higher the delivery index, the better the performance of the video delivered by the blogger
5. New fans in recent week: the number of new fans in recent week
6. Interaction index with goods: average interaction rate of blogger's video with goods

📌Secondary page of online red information

1. Blogger information: including the nickname, country and personal profile of the blogger
2. Data overview: online popular videos and trend data
3. Number of fans: the number of fans of the blogger
4. Video volume: the number of videos with goods by the blogger, and the number of videos not owned by the blogger
5. Likes: the total number of likes of all videos with goods by the blogger
6. Playback volume: the total number of videos with goods by the blogger
7. Goods index: the average value of all videos with goods. The higher the goods index is, The better the video performance.
8. Interaction index: the average value of the interaction rate of all grass planting videos. The higher the interaction rate, the better the interaction of fans.
9. Number of comments: the total number of comments of all loaded videos of the blogger.
10. Number of shares: the total number of shared videos of all loaded videos of the blogger.
11. Top 50 of loaded Videos: the top 50 videos will be displayed first according to the ranking of the circle rate of loaded videos of the blogger.
12. Top 50 of Tik tokeshop top 50: goods of the blogger, Sort by commodity sales, and display the top 50 commodities first

🔑Operation tutorial of picking creator

[step 1] Select level 1 category ⇒ Level 2 category ⇒ region ⇒ number of fans ⇒ can you contact ⇒ confirm ⇒ select sort

Follow the above steps to display the corresponding creator information.

[step 2] judge the type of network red

Mode 1: self operated Blogger

I own Tik tokshop and bring goods for my shop. As shown in the figure below, the blogger only brings clothes of the same brand. It can be judged that he is a self-employed blogger. In this case, it is not suitable to contact him to bring goods.

Mode 2: bring goods Blogger

The goods brought by the blogger come from different stores, so it can be judged that the blogger is a blogger with goods. You can contact the blogger after evaluating the goods.

[step 3] judge the blogger fit

Mode 1:Conformity of blogger's video content with commodities

Observe the video content released by bloggers, summarize the types of bloggers and the categories suitable for goods

  • - Wear Blogger---Shoes, bags, watches, accessories and other fashion categories
  • - Beauty Blogger---Skin care, makeup, beauty and health
  • - Fitness--Fitness surroundings, fitness equipment, etc
  • - Digital Blogger--3C electronics, etc

Mode 2:Proportion of commodity categories in goods with goods

Sum up the proportion of goods brought by the blogger, and judge the main goods brought by the blogger

  • - This blogger mainly brings goods that match your main business category. You can contact the blogger after evaluating the video performance

[step 4] judge the video performance of the blogger with goods

Playback volume and stability:see the difference between the lowest and highest playback volume of the blogger's video, and the level of high-frequency video playback.

  • - you can copy the nickname of the blogger to the web version Tik tok to see all the videos played by the blogger
  • - the minimum playback volume is the lower limit, and the worst result is estimated
  • - high frequency playback volume is guaranteed, and normal results are estimated
  • - the maximum playback volume is possible, and the explosion result is estimated

It is generally required that each video with goods of the blogger should be played more than 2000. If the conditions are met, you can enter the next step [contact creator].

[step 5] contact the netizens

Mode 1: one key contact

If the blogger has an email, you can click send email to contact

Mode 2: search contact

According to the ins, youtube, twitter and other information on the information page of the blogger, copy the information to the corresponding social platform to search, and then send private messages and comment on the blogger. (VPN is required for external network access)

Tips: when sending an invitation, it should include: self introduction, explanation of purpose, cooperation mode and cooperation requirements


How can sellers publish global goods to store goods using ERP?

- If you used the ERP system to publish goods in tiktok shop before and you have plans to open stores in Southeast Asia recently,please contact relevant ERP personnel to confirm whether there is an interface related to the global commodity function. After docking, you can publish global commodities to the store. (open platform announcement:
- If the ERP system you are using does not have an interface to access the global commodity function: - you can only publish the global commodity to the store commodity in the background of tiktok shop - the seller cannot publish the commodity through the original commodity interface of ERP, and cannot update most of the data of the store commodity (such as category / warehouse / brand / weight / volume / attribute, etc.)

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