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Experience How Myyshop Empowers Your Business?

Based on global short video social commerce data, DHgate self-developed Myyshop uses in-depth data analytics to realize complex data visualization analysis,intelligent data analytics and interaction, making rough data valuable for your business.

Track the products that are recommended and popular,
discover potential best-selling products,
and seize the opportunity to get a head start on the market.

Track products and elements with high returns,
and quickly uplift advertising ROI.

Match the best fit influencers for your goods,
contact and engage with one-click

What Features Make Myyshop Unique?

Browse and search for winning products across global short video platforms, including hot stores and influencer hot picks on Tik Tok. The AI intelligent analytics helps you identifying potential hot products before they go viral, step ahead in the market through multi-dimensional and in-depth analysis of your target markets.

A collection of global hot live streaming commerce videos and ads on TikTok powered by world-leading real-time data integration allows you track top-performing ads on an as-needed basis, seize the latest trends and optimize ad placement strategies based on precise statistics including e-commerce conversion rate and social interaction index.

Backed by multidimensional data analytics capabilities, we help you effectively reach real-time information of more than 350 million influencers around the world, engage the right influencer for your brands and track marketing results in one click based on live streaming commerce performance data.


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